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Open Channel Articles

This page contains articles discussing open channel. Articles are in PDF format. Click on the link to view the article. Watch this space for more articles.

We welcome any comments. Please send your comments to Dr. Jesse Yoder at jesse@flowresearch.com. We want to hear from you!

15 Open Channel Flowmeters: A flow Measurement Application Ripe for New Technology Innovation - Flow Control, December 2013
14 Part II: Trend Watch. A Look at Recent Developments in Traditional Technology Flowmeters - Flow Control, June 2013
13 Part I: Flow Trend Watch. A Look at Recent Developments in New-Technology Flowmeters - Flow Control, May 2013
12 Accuracy Matters - The Where and Why of Flowmeter Calibration - FlowControlNetwork.com, July 2010
11 2006 Flowmeter User Study Results - DP Remains Dominant, but New Technologies are Catching On - Flow Control, September 2006
10 Water Works: Flowmeter Selection for Utility Applications - Flow Control, June 2004
9 Flowmeters and Their Apps - Sensors, October 2003
8 Back to Basics: The Paradigm Case Method of Selecting Flowmeters - Control Engineering, April 2003
7 Meet the Flow Freshmen - Control, January 2003
6 A New Perspective on Traditional Technology Flowmeters - Flow Control, November/December 2002
5 Multivariable and New-Technology Flowmeters Lead the Way - Control, January 2002 
4 Flowmeter Shootout Part II: Traditional-Technology Flowmeters - Control, March 2001 
3 Flowmeter Calibration: How, Why, and Where - Control, August 2000 
2 Plumbing the Depths of Open Channel Flow Measurement - Control, July 1999
1 Flow Measurement Technologies Move Forward - I&CS, November 1997 





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